The Battery as an Energy Storage System; the existing link?

Of late, the proverbial wave of renewable energy that has swept over parts of the world has been coupled with the clearer understanding that in order to fully utilize their planet-saving potential, the issue of intermittency needs to be addressed and solved; Intermittency, in energy industry jargon, meaning the fact that the sun does not always shine, the wind does not always blow, and actual non-proverbial waves do not always sweep the oceans.

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Jonatan Höglund
Can Capacity Markets be the cure to reaching emissions reduction targets?

Capacity Markets (CMs) is an increasingly popular policy measure being considered in European electricity markets with the aim of securing electricity supply at the lowest cost to consumers as well as supporting new investment into power generation assets. In the UK, it is already up and running and constitutes a key part of their Electricity Market Reform program. Similar auction-based Capacity Markets are being formed in Ireland, France, and Italy.

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