Industrial investments

When we talk about industrial investments, we typically mean CAPEX-heavy projects, such as infrastructure investments, ships or power plants. There are multiple stakeholders - most often both public and private - involved in these projects, and they all have different interests in and requirements for the outcome. This makes them complex, before we even consider the constraints of cost, time, and quality. 

How do we help?

Large projects are seldom simple in the sense of value creation. Hence, our task is to show both why and how the project needs to be (or can be) actualized, or in some cases, why it is better to think again.

We realize this by analyzing the ecosystem that the investment would be a part of. More concretely and as an example, we look at markets, competitors or competing options, financing options and possible project structures.

We answer questions like: What will the effect and value of the investment be, and for whom, during its lifecycle? What problem does it solve? or How are the risks and profits shared? Through answering these questions, we identify both the meaning and profitability for and of the investment and the actors involved, how the investment and project should be organized, and how it can be financed. 

We are with you end to end

Industrial investments are rarely a walk in the park, and the process from sales to realization can be long and uncertain and it requires endurance. This applies to most of the stakeholders involved, such as the project owners, suppliers, users, and policy makers.

We support our clients on this road from end to end, i.e., we support you starting from considering how the investment should be sold and financed, moving through to considering how and with what capabilities it should be delivered and operated. We aim at reaching a point where our clients, and stakeholders linked to them, understand the value of the project and the business case, as well as what their own roles and benefits are.

Our approach

We utilize our knowledge and research gained from multiple projects and apply them to a specific case. We always start with a thorough analysis of both the need for and the effect of the investment and develop understanding of the business case for it. In our analysis, we always try to show the value for the investment life cycle and even simulate the investment in its markets if possible.

If there is a business case we, together with our client, start looking into how the targeted outcome (a successful realization of the project) can be reached. If the investment has been sold, we support the successful management and delivery of the project.


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