The financing of industrial investments


Value creation is the key to successful industrial investments. Investments need to produce greater good: new business, work, technological advancements.

To accelerate our client’s success we provide services detailing how to develop sustainable industrial investments, how to create the most suitable governance and leadership structures for these investments, and how to estimate the expected outcome of the investment. 


Typical projects


Feasibility studies

We analyze the potential positive and negative outcomes of a project in order to help customers make the final investment decision. The feasibility study also helps to improve the original investment plan.


Innovative financing models

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to financing models. We create financial models that help clients materialize their projects, considering their financial status, governance, and the business case. 


Financial modelling and cash flow analysis

The base work for any project is to analyze the expected cash flows it is expected to create. We find and consider all the aspects of potential revenues, costs, capital expenditure, and the cost of capital in order to create the best feasible financing models. 


Impact analysis

We assess the socio-economic impact of high-CAPEX infrastructure investments utilizing our unique business ecosystem approach. An example of this could be a bridge, partly financed using public funding. An impact analysis shows the expected effect the bridge is expected to have financially, socially, and environmentally.


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