Ecosystem change

Ecosystem change means changing the logic of how whole industries function. Quite recent examples of ecosystem change are how digital services and platforms -such as Uber and Airbnb - impacted on the taxi and hotel businesses, or how the large-scale introduction of wind and solar power has impacted on the energy markets.

We remove bottlenecks and inefficiencies in ecosystems and make them more sustainable. We maximize the benefit for the actors involved.

The problems that we help our clients face vary from adapting to the changing ecosystem to the question of how to drive the ecosystem change for entering the market with innovations or, on a higher level, they can include understanding what type of ecosystem change should be promoted.

As ecosystem change cannot happen within a self-organizing democratic structure, it demands a strong visionary leadership and the ability to manage. We support our clients in facing this challenge. 

How do we help?

All companies are part of an ecosystem in which they contribute to value creation and interact with other stakeholders in one way or another.  We can provide a systematic way of analyzing the overall ecosystem, which supports our clients in, for example, understanding their strategic competitiveness and position, redesigning strategies and business models, realizing the potential for improvement such as new business and the development of a comprehensive offering.

We support our clients in considering how the ecosystem should be redesigned so that the company’s competitiveness and position could be improved in the future. In other words, we find solutions for the problems in the current system and assist our clients in identifying the positions they could take in their target market and help them lead a controlled market disruption with new strategic partners.

Your team and our way of working

Our work is based on deep industrial knowledge of selected fields. Our project team consists of our best experts within the specific field in addition to experts with experience of ecosystem change. Ecosystem change is a process of co-creation with our clients and the key partners.

Timing and step-by-step progress form the core of the ecosystem change. We aim at starting from a practical problem or challenge and put much focus on creating consensus for each step in the change process.

Ecosystem change often includes:

  • understanding and analysis of the current ecosystem
  • envisioning how the ecosystem should be redesigned
  • the design of mechanisms and models for the ecosystem that will work together with our client and the main stakeholders
  • following a strong roadmap for implementing the change that considers what the vision is and how it can be reached

Our track record in ecosystem change

PBI has worked with ecosystem change in several projects within several industries in the recent years, in particular within our core fields (transport, energy). Example projects are:

  • the redesign and implementation of a more sustainable ecosystem for short sea shipping in the Baltic Sea
  • enabling sustainable energy investments in Europe
  • designing an industrial ecosystem for the production and utilization of renewable traffic fuels
  • the proposal of a local energy solution and the description of the required ecosystem for decentralized power production in Russia


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