Strategy and market disruption


We assist our clients in identifying the positions that they could take regarding their target market and help them lead a controlled market disruption with new strategic partners. We help our clients create opportunities and tap into new business by redesigning strategies, business models, and business ecosystems.


Typical projects


Ecosystem mapping

We apply a method for in-depth analysis of business ecosystems, adjusted to specific company needs. Taking an ecosystem perspective allows for an increased understanding of the business environment and allows companies to position their products, services and solutions better; discover new opportunities for growth; and redefine their strategies.


Ecosystem redesign

We support companies in reaching their vision for redesigning the business ecosystem, where the functionality and efficiency of the whole industry is improved and the company can improve or secure its position in a sustainable way through making or driving required changes.


Business model development

Industries, markets and business ecosystems evolve over time. We help our clients in adapting to or leading this change through the development of their business models for securing or improving their position.


An innovation rocket for business networks

We apply an open innovation method when supporting our customers in order to find the most interesting technological or process-related innovations in their field.


Strategy development and reviews

We support companies in planning, implementing and reviewing their strategies with the help of established methods, the latest top-level research, and deep understanding of the markets.


Piloting new business concepts

We help companies in piloting and entering markets with new business concepts by prospecting the markets, finding the right network, analyzing the impact of the concept, and creating models for capitalization.


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