Stakeholder and market analytics


We consult our clients about what kind of data they should be gathering from their customer interface and supplier network and what kind of data they should be gathering internally. We plan and coordinate the data gathering and provide in-depth analysis on stakeholder relations, network performance, and the situation in the market.

We help our clients get a sense of their big data and utilize both internal and external data sources to improve sales, customer relations, and innovativeness.


Typical projects


Lead generation

We analyze industry ecosystem data and generate business leads for our customers through market intelligenceAn example of this is analyzing port data and satellite data from terminal areas to generate leads for port equipment and automation sales.


Customer experience

We collect data from our clients’ customers to give our clients direction in their strategic decision-making. We use world-class technologies and methods and analyze the results with strong business understanding.


Network performance

We study the information flows and cooperation of our clients’ most important networks. An example of this could be studying the network of a shipyard in order to know what kind of a network guarantees most effective system and/or ecosystem integration.


Challenge management

We believe that project managers should regularly reflect on their project execution challenges in order to reduce the risk of margin deviations and to secure customer satisfaction for repeat sales. Challenge management is a tool PBI has developed for our clients’ project managers to address their project challenges in an actionable and measurable way.


Strategic customer study

When our clients need a profound understanding of their customers’ business, we conduct strategic-level interviews and other studies with the executives of our clients’ customers. Strategic-level customer studies give input to future strategies, account planning, and product and offering development. Strategic-level understanding of customers’ business needs is a real success factor for our clients.


Big data analytics

We support our clients in making sense of their own data and of external market data. We find the actionable knowledge in data and help our customers make data analysis from relevant sources a continuous way of monitoring business and markets.


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